Saturday, November 22, 2008

Romblon Island: Some Travel Guides

Here are some guides if you're planning to go to Romblon Island.

Getting there:

  • Take JAM Transit bus going to Batangas Port. They have two bus stations. One is located along Taft Avenue, Pasay City, Manila and the other one is located along EDSA near Kamuning. You may call them for more information at +632 5414409/9247712/8314390. Fare would cost you more than 200 pesos.
  • At Batangas Port, you may buy your tickets either to Romblon Island or to Odiongan Island (if they do not have trip directly to Romblon Island) at Montenegro Lines counter. One way regular fair to Odiongan is close to 700 pesos. Check out their website for trip schedule :
  • If you happned to buy a ticket to Odiongan, you will have to take the bus to San Agustin and get down at the port at San Agustin. And then, take another Montenegro owned boat going to Romblon Island.
Local Transportation:

Once in Romblon, the available means of transportation is tricycle, and boat, if you need to go to smaller islands.

Where to eat:

The most famous restaurant is "The Port" right across the port. They serve Filipino cuisine (sadly, they seldom sell seafoods, as the catch are usually sold to merchants and shipped to other parts of the country). Their best seller is Bulalo (beef).

There are also a number of restaurants surrounding the park (which is also across the port).

Romblon Plaza Hotel likewise serves food at their penthouse.


The biggest hotel in town is Romblon Plaza Hotel located at the town proper. You may contact them at 63 5500 5072269/5072277, 5072169, 5072488.

Places to Go:

I would recommend you visit the following places:

From Romblon town proper, you may just hire a tricycle to take you to the following:
1. Baranggay Dos - this is where the marble "factories" are.
2. Calabugo light house , and beach
3. Agpanabat light house , caves and Pawikan Conservation Center
4. San Pedro beach resorts - hire a tricycle but its a bit costly. They may charge between 200 pesos per trip. Ask them to come back for you on the day when you want to go back to the town proper.
5. Agnay fish sanctuary

From Romblon port, take a boat to the following :
1. Cobrador Island
2. Alad Island

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