Saturday, November 22, 2008

Day 3: Snorkelling at Alad Island

After Cobrador, we headed back to Alad island to pick up the five community leaders. While waiting for them, we went snorkelling.

A confession. It's my first time (!) .So i changed into my swim suit, and pretended i have been snorkelling all my life. But when I tried on the goggles, and forgot to open my mouth (which was a stupid thing to do), I panicked. Good thing nobody was in the boat and nobody witnessed my stupid, panicked look. My brother remembered that I haven't done this yet so he went back for me, gave me some sort of an orientation on how to snorkel and helped me out with the gear. (See how nice my brother can be! Well sometimes hehe...ok, ok, most of the time).

And so down the boat we went. I have fear of water, rather, of being under water, having been almost drowned when I was 9 years old or so. But my brother helped me out and I was able to go through my first snorkelling :-).

I was nervous at first, but when I saw the different colored corals swaying with the wave, and the fishes of all kinds and colors, it was like being in a real life "Finding Nemo" setting :-) It is beautiful down there! I knew there is a different world under water, I just didnt expect it to be as beautiful!

After an hour or so, our companions arrived, and we had to leave...sadly.

It was a really good day, better than most, my only regret is, I still do not have a digital SLR and an underwater camera! Sigh.

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