Sunday, November 30, 2008

Resto Review: Marina (Trinoma)

Love seafoods? Love authentic Filipino food? Try Marina. Marina serves homegrown Ilonggo food, and I'd say they will give you a run for your money.

It was my brother's birthday yesterday, and as part of the celebration, the family (along with my other brother's family and in-laws - talk about Filipino concept of family :-) ) met at Trinoma Mall for lunch.

We tried Marina, located at the ground floor of Trinoma mall, and we just loved the food.

For appetizer, we tried their Crispy Crablet. They served us very fresh, and fleshy crablets. A little bit spicy, but very yummy.

I highly recommend their Seafood Kare-kare. It is a different version of the regular kare-kare, but personally, this is much better. It has crabs, shrimp, fish, and squid in it. An order would cost Php280.

Pork Sisig is another favorite. Very crispy, a bit spicy, and very tasty. For only Php199.00.

For noodles, we have tried Bam-I, cooked with shrimp, squid and vegetables. Yum.The family also loved their grilled squid, which was cooked just right.

Marina offers various set meals for group diners. We placed 2 orders of Set C, a set meal for groups of 6. For a little over a thousand pesos per order, you get Set C, composed of the following: crispy crablets, sinigang na isda (fish with sour soup), lechon kawali, inihaw na pusit (grilled squid), bam-I (noodles), 6 glasses of iced tea and rice. We just added pork sisig and seafood kare-kare.

Marina prices their goodies very reasonably. There were 10 of us, and we paid only Php2,900. For that generous serving and great taste, I'd say, you really get value for your money.

Oh, by the way, they also offer buffet merienda con lunch. It's an eat-all-you-can treat for only P99.00 from 2pm to 5 pm. Will surely try it one of these days :-)

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