Saturday, November 22, 2008

Day 5: Back to Manila on Board MV Xenia

And now comes the moment, I was dreading for: the boat ride.

We boarded at 1 pm aboard MV Xenia. We had tickets to a cabin, so I was anticipating a first class service. False expectation. When we got there, all cabin rooms were closed and we had to wait for more than an hour to get inside a room.The room we were assigned to was closed, they could not find the key and so we had to move to another room.

It was an air-conditioned room, with two double beds (for four people). And then they accomodated an extra person in the room, which makes us five in our room.

We were supposed to leave at 2 pm but there was something wrong with the engines (panic time!) so the boat was able to leave 2 hours later. And, we were running on single engine (instead of two) so it was painfully slow.

We stopped at Odiongan to pick up more passengers, and to check on the engines again. And finally, they got the engine fixed (relief! relief!).

Since I can hardly sleep, I did some work on my laptop and then my brother and I had dinner and spent an hour at the deck. It was nice.

We went back and slept and we reached Batangas at dawn. Of course, we had to run again , half-asleep, to the bus going to Quezon City.

I was dead tired when we reached Quezon City, had to catch up on sleep at their office, before we headed home in the afternoon.

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