Sunday, November 23, 2008

Quick Review: Avilon Zoo, Montalban, Rizal

Avilon Zoo is definitely the best zoo in the country. It is very accessible using public transportation (you can take the FX or jeepney to Montalban from Cubao) and it is pretty close to Metro Manila (one hour drive from Cubao). Avilon Zoo is a 7.5 hectare zoo/park. Very spacious.

The ticket is very affordable at less than 300 pesos. They could also provide you a with a guide for an additional 350 pesos per group. Food prices is also very reasonable for only a little more than 50 pesos.

The park was arranged in such a way that it simulates their natural habitat. The zoo boasts of its many bird collections,but what I like best is the Jaguar, Leopard and Siberian Tigers. There are also the orangutans, fish and reptile collections, among others.Whats missing are the giraffes and zebras. You also get the chance for photo ops with their resident albino python (which by the way can be scary if you are averse to reptiles).

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